Our Plantations

Main Sites

Hlegu (16.6 Mile)

Number of Trees: 18,000+

Nestled north of Yangon in Hlegu, our main plantation spans an impressive 25 hectres (62 acres) and has been thriving since 2013. This expansive site, with a dedicated team of over 30+ professionals, is a hub of agarwood activity. It houses a nursery, engages in meticulous plantation management, and is equipped for harvesting, carving, and oil distillation. This plantation is a cornerstone of our operation, embodying our commitment to sustainable practices and excellence in agarwood production.

Putao (Snowland Co-Op)

Number of Trees: 40,000+

Located in the serene Putao valley in Kachin State, just on the southeastern foothills of the Himalayas, “Snowland Co Op” is a community forestry co-operative established in mid-2015. This unique venture brings together over 150 members from across the Putao District, all dedicated to cultivating various species of Aquilaria trees. Snowland’s activities encompass nursery management, plantation care, harvesting, carving, and distilling agarwood and oil that is rare and unique.

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Partner Sites

Ko Zaw Farm (KZF)

Number of Trees: Approx 700+

Situated on a scenic hilltop just north of our main Hlegu plantation. Operated by Ko Zaw, an innovative planter, this small-scale operation has successfully cultivated large Aquilaria trees with minimal maintenance. The plantation thrives on an all-organic approach, requiring very little water or external fertilizers, combined with our advanced inoculation techniques results in high-quality yields.

U Ohn Khine (UOK)

Agarwood trees at U Ohn Khine's Farm in Hlegu

Number of Trees: Approx 10,000+

Situated just 12 miles northeast of Agarwin-Keystone, is a flourishing agarwood cultivation site, home to 8000 trees that have matured beautifully over 9 years. Positioned near a large reservoir, this farm benefits from an abundant water supply, ensuring the trees receive optimal hydration for healthy growth.


Agarwood Plantation Trail at Ngwesaung Myanmar

Number of Trees: Approx 3,000+

This farm is located 321 km west of Yangon in the coastal town of Ngwesaung elevated about 1km meters above sea level. Spread across lush forested land, complete with elephant trails, the site is home to Aquilaria trees, aged between 25-30 years and a home to two families who live on the land, maintaining the trees and overseeing the day-to-day operations.