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Agarwin-Keystone Co., Ltd is a Myanmar-American Joint Venture company formed in mid-2014 under the Myanmar Foreign Investment Law.

The Myanmar side, Agarwin Diamond Family Group Co., Ltd, has several years of experience working with agar wood in its raw state and cultivation of different species of Aquilaria trees for the production of agar wood.

The American side is comprised of technology companies interested in gaining a foothold in Myanmar agriculture, and in the development of a rational approach to cultivation of Aquilaria for the production of agar wood.

Both companies have joined to form Agarwin-Keystone, in order to make effective use of lands, human resources, know-how, and operating capital and operate plantations intended to function as productive models for the rest of Myanmar.

The company’s plantation operations meet or exceed standards for Sustainable Forest Managament (SFM), and we are the very first plantation in Myanmar to achieve certification for legal production of agar wood products under the auspices of Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).

Doing what’s right

Our Approach to Cultivation

Agarwin-Keystone intends to farm a series of no larger than 20-acre plantations. Each will have sufficient manpower, in the form of farmers and their families working and living on the land. Each will have sufficient infrastructure in terms of proper irrigation and drainage, -and all of the machinery in place to make sure that the water cycle runs. No small consideration has been taken for the health and welfare of families cultivating the land, in terms of proper housing, access to water and sanitation, healthcare and education, as well as pay and benefits as provided for under Myanmar labor laws.

Operating according to Standard Operating Procedures developed based on the experience of Agarwin-Keystone’s management team, plantation, shading, thinning, and fertilization will be conducted to optimized health and reduce attrition of trees planted.

The timing of tree inoculation is largely dependent on the health of the tree; once a certain trunk diameter is reached, then the trees are judged to be sufficiently hardy to withstand a challenge to their immune system. Currently Agarwin-Keystone plans to inoculate its first eligible trees at approximately year 5.5.

Harvest will occur at years 7.5 through 9, depending largely on management’s judgment and market conditions. Nothing is lost by leaving productive trees standing.

Our Certifications and Approvals

Our Other Activities

We remain fairly busy getting its first dozen or so 20-acre parcels in the sort of order envisioned by its founders. Still, the company is involved in:

Cultivation of cover crops in the interstitial space and margins of each parcel.

Working with Myanmar Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry and relevant bodies to draft and enact implementing laws refining procedures for trade of agar wood and its products that comply with CITES conventions.

Nursery operations, for sales of seedlings and saplings to other planters

Design-build-commission-operation of a state-of the art high-recovery plant for extraction of agar wood oil (oudh). This facility will be run to process the company’s own feedstock, as well as process that from other planters under contract.

Advisory work and consultation to other planters, especially those experiencing trouble.

Manufacturing, distribution and sales of low-cost inoculation kits for the vast majority of small planters who cannot afford those offered by other foreign and domestic sellers.

Processing, sales and promotion of Aquilaria seeds, leaves, and flowers - important source of income at year 3 of each parcel

Active participation in forestry development projects sponsored by the Myanmar government and local and international NGO’s.

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We have headquarters in Yangon, Myanmar

No. 258 Bagayar Road
Sanchaung, Yangon

Phone: +95 94500 21231 (English)

+95 9511 7226, +95 979 1931 786 (Myanmar)

Email inquiries: info@agarwin-keystone.com
Business inquiries: rkwalsh@agarwin-keystone.com

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