About Our Company

We are a sustainable venture working with the cultivation of different species of Aquilaria trees for the production of agar wood in Myanmar.

Our Sustainable Approach

What is our philosophy and cultivation methodology? Agarwin-Keystone’s responsible forestry plantation method is what has mad us the most trusted supplier of real, pure Agar wood.

Certified and Approved

We’ve made it our top priority to be certified by CITES and conduct all operations with the correct permits and approvals of Myanmar government bodies. Learn more about our certifications.

Experts in the Field

Wild Aquilaria trees have been hunted to near-extinction not only in Myanmar, but all over the tree’s natural range in SE Asia. We’ve shown that we can successfully cultivate this tree at any scale.

Our Numbers

People and trees are what makes this operation. The land and the weather give us what we need to grow, but the people and their cultivation know-how complete the circle.


Trees Under Management


Independent Co-op Planters in Putao


Planters Employed at Our Plantations


Years: Age of Oldest Trees

Get in Touch with Us

Our headquarters are in Yangon, Myanmar

No. 258 Bagayar Road
Sanchaung, Yangon

Phone: +95 94500 21231 (English)

+95 9511 7226, +95 979 1931 786 (Myanmar)

Email inquiries: info@agarwin-keystone.com
Business inquiries: rkwalsh@agarwin-keystone.com