Distilling agarwood

A New Milestone: Expert Training and Installation of New Stills

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July 7th marked a special day at Agarwin-Keystone Farm, as we took a significant step forward in our agarwood oil distillation process. We were honored to host Robert Seidel, the esteemed expert from Essential Oils in Portland, Oregon. Robert visited us to install, train, and test-fire our brand new 10 and 35-gallon stills, a major upgrade for our production capabilities.

The day was filled with excitement and learning. Robert’s expertise in handling these sophisticated pieces of equipment was evident as he meticulously set up each still. He provided comprehensive training to our team, ensuring that everyone involved understood the operational nuances and safety protocols. This hands-on experience was invaluable, as it equipped our team with the skills necessary to maximize the potential of these advanced distillation units.

Adding to the significance of the day, U Lay May Sar and Robert Shin from our esteemed partners at Putao Snowland joined us for the training. Their presence underscored the collaborative spirit of our ventures and the shared commitment to excellence in the agarwood industry. The training session provided a perfect platform for knowledge sharing and team bonding, further strengthening our partnership.

The successful installation and test-firing of the 10 and 35-gallon stills from Essential Oils signify a new era of efficiency and quality in our agarwood oil production. We are grateful to Robert Seidel for his invaluable guidance and to our partners from Putao Snowland for joining us in this important endeavor. This event marks another milestone in our journey towards sustainable and world-class agarwood production at Agarwin-Keystone Farm.