Products and Services

Plantation Management

Expertise meets innovation in our plantation management services. We offer comprehensive solutions to Agarwood plantation owners, ensuring sustainable and profitable operations.

Our team of experts brings years of experience in the cultivation of Aquilaria trees, providing guidance on best practices, quality control, and sustainable harvesting methods. Each tree is systematically numbered, allowing for precise data collection to monitor and ensure the growth and health of every tree throughout its lifespan.

With a focus on maximizing yield while preserving environmental integrity, our Plantation Management services are ideal for businesses aiming to establish or enhance their Agarwood plantations.

Let us help you transform your Agarwood venture into a model of success and sustainability.

Inoculation Services

Our Inoculation Services are a cornerstone of Agarwin-Keystone’s offerings, delivering cutting-edge techniques to enhance the quality and quantity of Agarwood production. Utilizing the latest scientific advancements, our inoculation forumla is patented and 100% organic.

Our methods ensure a higher success rate in Agarwood resin formation, critical for premium quality output. Ideal for plantation owners and Agarwood cultivators seeking to elevate their product standards, our services are backed by extensive research and a deep understanding of Aquilaria trees’ biology.

Every tree we inoculate is meticulously tagged and documented in our database, enabling us to closely monitor its location, health, and yield for optimal quality control and sustainable practices.

Partner with us to adopt these innovative practices and witness a remarkable transformation in your Agarwood yield and quality.