About Us

Our Story

Agarwin-Keystone Co., Ltd., a pioneering Myanmar-American Joint Venture, was established in 2014 with the innovative vision of American firms seeking to revolutionize Myanmar’s agricultural sector.

At the heart of our operations is Agarwin Diamond Family Group Co., Ltd., a name synonymous with years of dedicated experience in nurturing various Aquilaria species. This expertise is complemented by our American partners, who bring cutting-edge expertise and a strategic approach to the cultivation of Aquilaria, enhancing our capability to produce superior quality agarwood.

Together, we have forged Agarwin-Keystone, a venture focused on optimizing land use, leveraging human expertise, and utilizing robust operational capital. Our plantations are not just production centers but are exemplary models for sustainable and efficient agarwood cultivation across Myanmar.

Today we manage over 60,000 agarwood trees on more than 5 plantations and employ 100s of locals across the country.

Certifications and Permits

Our dedication to excellence in Agarwood cultivation and production is recognized by various international and local bodies underscoring our expertise and commitment to preserving the environment.

Our People

We are deeply committed to empowering the local talent of Myanmar, recognizing that the growth of our company is inextricably linked to the wellbeing of our workforce and their families. Our team is a vibrant tapestry of multi-ethnic individuals, each bringing unique perspectives and skills that are vital to our mission. We champion a culture of inclusivity and respect, where every member is supported, nurtured, and valued.

Our dedication extends beyond mere employment; we invest in their development, ensuring they have the skills and knowledge to thrive both in our company and in their communities.

Together, united under our core mission, we are not just cultivating agarwood – we are cultivating a brighter future for our people and for Myanmar.